ACP Podcast Episode 8: Tom Travelers

In this episode, we talk about time travel in our favorite games and movies, including Days of Future’s Past, Edge of Tomorrow, Back To The Future, Chrono Cross, Virtue’s Last Reward, and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Also, Marten gets fired in this episode.

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About The Author

Marten Dollinger is a Film Maker and Light-weight Educator in Cleveland, Ohio. Currently living a neo-bohemian lifestyle in Lakewood, he finds the time time to Write, Direct, and Edit for Shoot It Already Films, work multiple jobs of varying interest, and pursue a Masters of Education for School Counseling at Cleveland State University on top of his duties to the ACP. He developed his love of film as well as his writing abilities at the College of Wooster where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theater with a Minor in Philosophy and served as Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Wooster Voice. He is also proud to be the pirate who is not included in Nathan and Jonah's band.