How To Submit

We at The ACP are always looking for new talent. We pride ourselves on being a place for up and coming writers to get their start, or maybe just add another piece to their portfolios. Not only that, but we very much enjoy the community that surrounds us, and always want our fans to get involved.

And writers for the ACP have definitely made a name for themselves elsewhere. Among other publications, fellow staff members have gone on to also publish in Overthinking It, Psychology Today, Fear Of A Ghost Planet, Nugget Bridge, The New England Theatre Geek, and Day Old Stubble.

Freelance and Guest Writers

Those wishing to send individual pieces should keep the following in mind:
1. Articles should be between 800 and 1,400 words.
2. Articles should have 3-5 photos to accompany them. For professional reasons, photos must be original screencaptures of the content at hand; anything taken off the first page of a Google Image Search is obviously not what we’re looking for.
3. Articles should have some driving force in the content besides “omgthisisterrible” or “omgthisisawesome.” Okay, so your favorite show is great – but don’t just rave like a rabid fan, talk about a specific technique or element that makes it that way. Staples for good topics include talking about a given show/game/film in terms of feminist critique, historical or cultural influence or impact, psychological analyses, philosophical implications, common themes or elements, or any other mechanic that makes the work’s emotional drive what it is.
4. Those not wanting to submit a full article can also send a prospectus or pitch, no more than a paragraph long.
5. If selected, the editors will schedule a time with you to workshop your piece and get it fully ready for publication. Don’t take this personally; we give all our pieces a little attention before it goes live. Not only do we make better articles this way, but each individual writer gets special attention and a little critique on their writing style, which in turn makes us all better writers!
6. Those interested should mail their submissions to

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Suggestions can also go to to If perhaps you have an idea for a post, but don’t want to do it yourself, feel free to send us a suggestion. If we don’t reply or don’t write it, don’t take it personally. Heck, if we do write it, don’t take it personally.