Job Listings

Interested in buffing out your writing and editing resume a little bit? Well look no further – below are a few job postings we have for the upcoming season!


Books Section Editor

The Books Section Editor will be responsible for workshopping all posts related to books, while writing and generally contributing to the website. Posts will not need to be limited to books, though a certain number of book posts will be expected. The ideal candidate has a firm grasp of literature and literary theory, all the while a grasp of pop culture and making complex themes both accessible and relevant to the community as a whole.


Workshop Team Leader

The Workshop Team Leader will be responsible for working alongside the Chief Copy Editor to edit articles for content and offering suggestions on where to go with the works in progress. The bulk of the work will be done a few days before layout, giving writers some time to make changes as they see fit. The ideal candidate should be constructive and cooperative, and know how to make important points in an amicable manner. This job requires a weekly commitment, with writing articles negotiable.


Staff Writer

The staff writer will be responsible for regular content to the website. Unlike the section editors, staff writers have the freedom to write about varying genres and topics. The ideal candidate will have a strong writing background, the time for regular commitments (most notably workshopping when articles are due, and attending panels at cons), and should be able to work well with others.


Sadly none of our positions are paid positions, but we keep a close network and generally help each other with networking when we can. If interested, send a resume and a cover letter to, with the job title in the subject line.