Project: Couch Surfing

The Analytical Couch Potato has started Project Couch Surfing, where we attempt to get writers from as many different states and locations as possible. We’ll fill in our maps as we log our progress, and link to all the articles selected for this project, to give readers a feel for the reach we have as a community.

That being said, if you want to write, or know someone in an odd state who could, let us know at editor[at]!

The Areas Covered So Far: 


Since starting the project, we have gotten the following U.S. represented:

Washington: Meagan Davenport

Joining Our Project

To be eligible for publication, you only have to meet three requirements:
1. You’re a fan of us on Facebook. It’s super easy. Just click that Like button!
2. You pitch a draft on something pop culture related to us at editor[at], and the staff likes what they read. It can be on video games, movies, television, books, comics, web series, or anything in between – if the article is enjoyable and it’s about pop culture, you’re in good shape! Bear in mind, however, we obviously can’t accept everything we receive, even if you are from a state we haven’t covered, so make sure it is quality work.
3. You cannot be a part of the ACP staff.

For an idea of what we’ve accepted in the past, here are our criteria for the annual writing contest. This is how we judged our past winners:

-Structure: The article has a clear thesis, a well-articulated argument, and a beginning, middle, and end.
-Style: The article is written consistently in a style that is engaging and informal, yet scholarly and well-researched.
-Topic: The article’s topic is a movie, TV Show, or Video Game, or makes a case for why it fits into the ACP’s purview. If the topic is a recent pop culture sensation, timeliness is key. If the topic is older, it should note why this has earned a state of “classic” noteworthiness.
-Analysis: The article is, in fact, analytical, and not merely a review or a fan theory. The thesis of the article resounds beyond the work in question and says something about the genre, medium, or culture as a whole.
-Length: The article goes sufficiently in depth and summarizes material enough to be accessible without being overlong or cumbersome to read.
-Quality Of Writing: The article is easy and enjoyable to read and continues to be enjoyable for multiple re-readings. The article incorporates an appropriate amount of humor or levity for it’s subject.
-Validity: The arguments for the article’s viewpoint are valid and logically consistent, making sure all arguments contribute in a way that necessitates the thesis’ main point.

Please note! By submitting specifically for Project: Couch Surfing, you’re giving The Analytical Couch Potato permission to publish your work. Don’t worry, your name will always be credited with the words, but we reserve the right to republish old articles for new audiences or projects.