SITE UPDATE: We’re going to Connecticon 2014!

It’s official: The ACP will be returning to Connecticon for 2014!

As a bit of background, this is our third time giving panels at Connecticon, located in scenic Hartford, Connecticut. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by!

Here are the panels we have approved to run. Please be advised that dates and times may change over the weekend:

Event Title: Race, Gender, and Creature Type: Minority Representation in Magic: The Gathering (P)
Event Description: Since its early days, Magic: The Gathering has been associated with chain-mail bikinis and scantily clad Angels. In recent years, the creative team has made a real effort to cut down on sexist imagery and increase the presence of people of color in card images. Yet the cast of Planeswalkers who make up the face of Magic is still overwhelmingly white – and the player base overwhelmingly male. What can Magic do to increase diversity both on the face of cards and in the ranks of the players? Join The Analytical Couch Potato in a discussion about spellslinging and intersectionality!

It is currently scheduled for:

Event Date - July 13, 2014
Event Time - 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Event Room: Panel 1 (CTCC MR17) – (Seats 600)

Event Title: The Fathers Of How I Met Your Mother, And How They Mold Ted’s Story (T)
Event Description: In the iconic story all about how Ted met The Mother, how do the gangs’ fathers fit into his story? In this panel, The Analytical Couch Potato staff will present a look back at all the fathers of the story, their personalities and contributions to Ted’s story, and discuss how they all molded Ted into the person necessary to eventually meet The Mother. Fans are encouraged to come and share their favorite moments and contribute to the discussion!

It is currently scheduled for:

Event Date - July 12, 2014
Event Time - 10:30 PM – 11:59 PM
Event Room: Panel 7 (CTCC MR 22/23) – (Seats 360)

Event Title: Is The Walking Dead Just Dead Wrong?
Event Description: Everywhere we look in nerd and pop culture today there is a new show or game that features a zombie apocalypse. Most of these are caused by some sort of “outbreak” and include re-animated corpses that crave human flesh (BRAINNSSS). Fortunately, this is one apocalypse that is not meant to be. In this panel, The Analytical Couch Potato will be looking at different aspects of this classic genre from a scientific standpoint and discussing whether or not a zombie apocalypse is straight up preposterous. Audience participation encouraged!

It is currently scheduled for:

Event Date - July 11, 2014
Event Time - 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Event Room: Panel 1 (CTCC MR17) – (Seats 600)

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