Special Entries

Once in a while, there are special occasions that we like to observe, like holidays or our annual contest. These posts are designed to break the mold and give our readers a little variety. Ranging from april fools fake articles to articles about nothing but Christmas specials, we like to mix it up every now and again.

Here are a few examples:

The Annual Writing Contest Winners – Every spring, we hold a writing contest and publish the winners. The winners also get cash! For more info on how to enter, click here.

April Fools Entries – Anything goes, from satirically analyzing something on false merit to analyzing a show that doesn’t exist.

Christmas Entries – When it’s winter and the holidays are looming, we all have specials on the brain. Let’s write about them.

Live Events – This refers to the discussions we lead in real life, like at conventions.

Of course, these are just the more regular ones we do. We’re not going to reveal every holiday or special occasion we observe here – why take the fun out of the surprise? Keep checking back for special holiday entries!